NEW Art History track in the Art BA

The Art History track in the BA in Art provides a course of study for students with an interest in the ways people have expressed themselves visually across history. Our graduates in Art History go on to pursue careers in museums and non-profits, assisting private collectors, teaching in K-12 and higher education, and working in a variety of other fields calling for a well-rounded education with an understanding of both history and culture. Students in this track focus on what is often referred to as "material culture," the objects created by humans that are part of their lives; this includes everything from clothing to paintings, buildings to jewelry.

This new track in Art History combines the study of art in its aesthetic and social context, with studio art practice and the opportunity to explore other courses on campus that focus on how we consider the visual history of humanity. A student following an Art History track in the BA may use courses in such fields as Anthropology, Asian Studies, and Museum Studies to fulfill their major requirements, often discovering professional applications through those inter-disciplinary explorations.

The Art History program also offers a Minor in Art History, and actively participates in the Interdisciplinary Museum Studies Minor.

Click here for catalog information on the Art History Major and Minor, and here for the Museum Studies Minor.